Sunday, October 28, 2012


Unwanted guests we all have them, so I gently escorted mine away and I thought I was done with him. Had I been aggressive that would have been the case, but no I actually provided him with shelter and food without my knowledge, till one day I see his big ass crawl across my patio, yes my guest was a small field mouse now he is a big ass rat!! Now living on my patio, eating what I feed the squirrels. See I caught him in a cup, and I didn't want to throw him three stories to the ground, so I just set him down, outside the patio, thinking he would crawl away. OMG no, he has hid from me but slowly grew into a big ass monster, what did I do!!!!! Sometimes you have to be aggressive with unwanted guests whether it be Phifel, or people in general, cause they will hang around unless you throw them out, his case literally, but in life, hey your on your own, support I can be there for you, but you can't stay here. I can't believe I made a moral point out of my rat story but it's true now my squirrels have to suffer until I get rid of that rat, I can't feed him any more, he will be the size of a cat, plus he really needs to be thrown out this time.

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