Friday, November 2, 2012

Enjoy what you got.....

Last night I had an old lady friend call, she wanted to stop by after dinner with her mother.  I told her to text me when she was on her way, and that was that. A couple hours later, It came to me I am seeing someone, and I might want to run this by her and see what to do. My relationship is not ordinary, she is married, so she has someone she goes home to. I know it's not the best situation but its what Im in, it just happen, so back to last night, I haven't slept with anyone, since our relationship began and my lady friend has been so busy I haven't seen her since this all evolved either. At first I felt as though I was cheating, like I shouldn't be with anyone else because we have this intense relationship with such emotions, and love that we share, but then I did realize she does go home to someone else too, and thats when I spoke to her and said is this relationship open? I said you love me and you love your husband, so we have an open relationship. I didn't think she liked that perspective, nor the fact that my lady friend was coming over, but she did say it wasn't fair that she gets to go home to someone and Im alone. As my lady friend pulls up I could barely get her off the phone as she walks thru the door, it was goodbye and hello to her. I thought I would feel awkward, but it was like were it left off, and we did enjoy each others company, no details needed. What I will say is, living in the moment and taking care of yourself is a good thing. I know the person I am seeing is not going to divorce, so I will enjoy what we have, and I will enjoy what I have too. See many get into situations like this and then they want that person to divorce, you have no control, and can't do that, you have to accept what your in, but you can enjoy yourself too. I love that girl Im seeing and it does suck that she happens to be married, I can't help where my heart went, but I can make do of a situation. So I have my lady friends and enjoy myself, life is too short to be upset about a situation you have no power over.

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