Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Position?

Ever had a job, that hired you for a specific position, in charge of a department where you were to make the calls, and your ideas are what they hired you for? Ok, follow me, now you get in there, you are the shot caller of this department, but there is a boss of the overall department, and he seems to keep getting in your business, until the point you are no longer running the department. You are just a figure head, he makes calls and sometimes you can make some calls but everybody else now seems to be in control, and your just standing there? Welcome to the Cincinnati Bengals, and you would be the new Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden!!!!!   See you have stubborn Coach who forgets that he is a Defensive Coordinator by trade and has no business making calls, but seems to think that his simple minded insistence on the run can't be read by other D.C. well Dick Le Beau smashed that last  week in the second half, so when will he get it thru his head unless he is willing to invest in pro bowlers as linemen besides whitworth that wont work!!!!! Also you have eager hands ready to catch and many plays in those books you carry around let Jay practice with thosse boys so they  can become familiar with them instead of saying ok no huddle and them no be ready cause they don't practice that as much as that damn run which we dont have the protection for!!!!!!! Play action, flea flicker, slant, shovel, something but screw the run until we need it at 3rd and 3 or somethng like that damn!!!!! Palmer went thru this shit, why now Andy, no someone has to stop Marvin!!!!!

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