Friday, September 28, 2012

reinstatement fees, WTF!

The advice the lawyer gave to me in 2003, "Michele don't do this again! I can't keep getting out DUI's and now Ohio passed a law, its a felony next time girl' no matter what I do. That definite jail time and I can't do a thing about it". So from that date on, I chose to drink, but not drive, so I just lived without driving for all this time. I didn't know if I would drive when I drank, and I didn't seeing it ending any time soon, until 8/3/09.  I had some good times, and obviously bad, but now I go to reinstate my license and what's this........a 1000.00 fee. No there's a mistake, yes I've had multiple duis but paid back then charged again, that's how it worked. Well you see somehow, a uninsured charge 125.00, another DUI 425.00, lol wtf, is there another Michele, my lawyer, had mine all dropped down, they wouldn't go to the reinstatement office, and I have been bonded since the first DUI in 94, plus I always drive with insurance, if you drove like I did, drunk. All these years I had been working on taking care of me, not thinking back about this, and wow now I have to clear this shit up. Luckily progressive has great records and is sending the papers, the DUI well the lawyer, forgot to file papers cancelling the refusal to blow which to the state of Ohio looks like a DUI . So now go to the judge if he doesn't, or just pay his mistake, here is the crazy thing, someone was willing to pay it all, and I see mistakes and no I couldn't let her pay money that the state isn't owed. Would have saved me stress, time, and all memory lane bull shit, but I couldn't see her do it. Maybe deep down too, how thoughtful she is to that for me, so I guess, I wanted to suffer for, I didn't expect it to end this way, cause I love the woman who wanted to this for me. I wanted to tell all of you, make sure you look your records over, and no fee can't be overturned, there I don't feel like such a sap

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