Thursday, September 6, 2012

the man that became a boy

Many clients come over and never tell me the reason they come to see me. Some I think just enjoy to be spanked, others truly do have a reason to be over my lap. Now big boy, and he was over 6 foot tall came over, and stood before with some fear that was obvious. I had to know what was troubling him. I had him sit down, and tell me why someone like him would want little me to spank his ass to tears.  Now you would think, he was a bad boy, stole from work, cheated on his wife, or just has behavior problems, nope, not even close. This man is grieving the death of his mom, and misses her dearly. In his mind he going back to the days when momma spanked his ass, when he did something wrong in school, after they whipped his ass too. Yes guys they used to do that, what a shame they dont do that now! Anyways, this was the first for me, but I wanted to deliver one hell of a spanking so that boy would come out of him, and he could cry for his momma, and those tears would fall down his face. In the spanking world when someone cries they get whats called a emotional release which is like an orgasm, its freedom for all those worries and pain for a little while, and I wanted that man to get it and get it good. So I rotated left to right, moving my hands all around that bubble but of his and into about ten minutes, I'll be damned the man/boy now is crying. I can't stop this isn't long enough, he needs to get all those emotions out so I keep going but I just use my hands. The change in the man though was surprising he became this babbling child telling mommy please, now the man is the boy transferred back in time, so I kept him there, but not as hard as I usually go because he was balling pretty bad, finally his body was moving and at that point I knew he couldn't take it anymore so I stopped. Now since I switched to domme I normally don't nurture but this boy seemed in need so I did. As he came out of his experience he thanked me and off he went. That was very unique to say the least, but whatever tool you use to help, they are there and a person can feel at ease after the experience.

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