Friday, September 21, 2012

what's seen in the mid west, is blind in the rest.

Before my last post occurred, it just came to almost the same situation happened to me a week ago, but I was the two Women in the back who watched the man assault me, and later comfort him. It was reversed the man was black, the women too, the only difference  in that scene was I didn't see any color. I saw a man getting very close to women, one of them was too young to hear what was coming out of his mouth. The only option I saw was to step in and prevent anything else from happening, and escorting this man out the door, he lost his privilege to stay. I repeated you don't talk like that to women, over and over, remained eye contact and step forward as a bouncer would when your ass being nicely thrown out.  I didn't think about it till yesterday, but the two stories have some similar qualities, a man was assaulting a female, it was how it was handled that is the difference. I also use this comparison to illustrate the difference of seeing color and discrimination, and living amongst each other and living as people. The neighborhood I was in is predominantly black, not once have I ever thought about it when in it, I'm 38 and thank God the mid west or whatever mentality it is to see your race for first, I practice face value that means whatever the hell you are showing me, now that's another post and some other things I have to practice. I was born in CA, and back then they cranked classical to the kids and read all these alternative books to raising their child, it was the early 70 s, maybe it worked.

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