Monday, September 17, 2012

TJ Blacks!!!!

It was a good day, learning the ropes at my gym and meeting new people. After my workout, I decided to downtown to drop some things off and check it TJmaxx for some more workout clothes. Right before the clothes I saw the shoes, and I am a lady so I had to stop to see what they had. Now I'm an 8 1/2 and the next size  is 9 so this is my aisle. I tried on one pair, didn't like them, so I put them back put left that shoe off, so I can try more, why keep taking it off? So that shoe is on the ground along with a box that had a pair of headphones, it was set off to the side but not exactly together, there was some space between them. When I go to try on another pair, a guy comes behind me and step over the shoe and straddles the headphones to see a pair of shoes behind me. I was so blown away by his disregard for my property and my space, I couldn't say anything. So I went back to looking, and the pig did it again, and then it was a mess from there. Words flew, managers were involved, threats were thrown around, apparently Mr Oxford shirt black slacks, key card wearing thug, said if he wasn't on probation he would shoot me. Now I'm not an angel in this, every call out, I was inches from his face, no man will threatened a woman, and I lose it when they do it to me. Now, two blacks chics, I'd say mid 30s heard his ass threatened all that, and who do they do to, him, and when I say what's your name boy, so I can report your ass, she's now telling him its menacing and to walk away. He was I didn't mention that, a girl at the counter, black too, well he has a suit on, how could he be in trouble? He even told the person on the phone several times if I wasn't on probation! The store did OK, but when are we gonna say, that discrimination isn't white on black anymore, I'm tired of hearing that shit!!! If I was a black girl he would have been polite, even helped moved her stuff out of the way for her, by the way he was with the other ladies. Ignorance, ego and arrogance all over my tan skin, it looks great by the way, I just came back Florida so its not that white, scared, little fool

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