Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Protection for less democracy, who agreed on this?

Where was I when an officer has the right to tell you to shut up, abuse his power then kick you out of a public place for giving info, just because he said not one more word!!! Who the hell do these men think they are once that uniform goes on? Oh yeah try calling on them too, " did you say something else" I said " Yes the date they couldn't find" and he backed him with " well he told you not to speak". Are you kidding me it was regarding the situation and this BMV on Hamilton ave in Cincinnati ohio, had no idea what was going or where to find anything. I put that in there so if you were stuck in a bad situation and needed something complicated taken care of, don't go there. Bubba has nothing to do but harrass and the staff " don't get an attitude with me maam, ", of course you can say what you want you work for the state, if you didn't I would take my bull whip and wrap it around your neck you and bubba gump. Back to abuse of power, if the cop had a problem he could have been calm, approached me and communicated himself responsibly, the staff too. It was an awful experience, I don't like the men in blue to think they have power over me, like Im in prison, I know people have issues at the bmv, but no weapons were shown, I wasnt waiving my hands or yelling at her.  We don't live in China or any other country where we have to be quiet when they enter the room, our officers are people just like us, and they are here to protect us, not to harm us, insult, or insight panic, which he was considering how close he stood to me. I know they have a job that is of high risk, but they chose it and that has nothing to do with me.

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