Saturday, December 1, 2012

In their hands!!!!!

We fight for all to have health care,  but those who have special needs and less than insurance beware!!!!!!  In my 3 1/2 years in the Health alliance care, my Primary care doctor, prevented my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Even with a RA factor constant pain reported to him, his response was " are you on your period" or " you might need another anti depressant, your not emotionally stable". My dermatologist ignored my bloodwork while I was on acutane, and fortunally we had a argument, because at that time, my liver was effected and other things on my chart were too high. I did have concerns so throughout being on the drug, I would ask him about my bloodwork, and he ignored me or said your fine. Now I have permanant damage over that with my digestion, all due to him ignoring me, what I had to say what not of importance. Finally is their dental Center, By the way this is The University of Cincinnati, the world known heart center, the teaching hospital, yeah well, your not focusing on the patients like me in my situation. I had to put that in there. Ok the dental center, I had partial plate they were to form and then send out to make. Well they have residents and a dentist then a head dentist. I get a dentist who refuses to listen, the right side was too long in the back, too many times I told her, " im biting down and other side is rising up." I dont know what Im talking about, because she says this is needed and thats how my mouth is formed. " are you crazy its my mouth, if I bite down and one side goes up, how in the hell dont I know, common sense". I asked for a dentist, he came in touched where it should be, then left. She went back to her old way and guess what it was sent out with a big dip on the right side. I came back a month later couldn't take it, so I get her again and she says " I can sand it down" so that works for awhile. 6 months later it was a mess lost the hook that latches on the tooth and loose everywhere. I explained what happened, and another resident says "your gums might have shrunk, but really we can only fix the clamp" This piece of crap was moving all over the place, and these people were great for covering for each other, damn!!! getting to the point it came back, I was biting on metal and the hook was not even around my tooth. The back was loose as hell, so I called for who was in charge, and the manager came. She defended them too waived her hands at me, to lower my voice, patronizing me, I told her this was how I spoke and I need someone to help me, this is ridiculous. She walked out, I thought she was coming back, but no I had to call patient relations to get some help, and let them know what was  going on. Then finally the Dentist came, and this blows my mind, he didn't see anything wrong, " with partials I have had clients put them in their shelves and not even use them." Are you kidding me, I was blown away, a few more were exchanged, then finally his response to me is " well we can reinburse your insurance, take the plate and you can go elsewhere but there is nothing we can do" I was finished with at that point. I will add he did say he would tighten the clamp, but that was not a solution and I was not willing to give it to him after the shelf comment. I fixed them actually and they do fit better, you can do things on your own. As far as anyone being held responsible for their actions, good luck, the dentists is above all, patient relations was a joke, they did no advocation for me what so ever!!!! So I asked who is above all this and she wanted to give me an email, no thanks a phone #.  You must advocate for yourself I swear, you put your body the only thing you have and your life  in their hands. Be careful who that is, and where you go!!!!!

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